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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4579, Reading, PA  19606

Physical Address: 6 Industrial Drive, Birdsboro, PA 19508

Toll-Free: 1-800-545-0935/610-898-1844
FAX: 610-898-1850

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Meet Our Staff Extension
Dennis Rhoads - President
Ron Simmons - Executive Director 1-800-584-7205
Contact Ron in the VA Office - 1-800-584-7205 (June through March. April and May he is in the PA Office)
Cheer & Dance/Drill Team America Department (1-800-584-7205)
Ron Simmons - Executive Director  
Stephanie Baker - Florida Coordinator  
P.J. Arcinega - Texas Coordinator

Cruise Festivals Department (1-800-545-0935)

Megan Rhoads - Managing Director-Cruise Festivals 305
Debra Haas - Cruise Specialist  
Donna Metcalf - Cruise Specialist

Music Festivals & Tours/Music Showcase Festivals Department (1-800-545-0935)

Kelly Schlegel - Festival Director/Orlando Tour Director 306
Stephanie Beyah - Festival Director

Kristin Heckrote - Festival Director               304
Charlie Cassady - Festival/Tour Coordinator

Awards Management Department
Susan Rhoads